Poesie: Strange Sisterhood

Poesie Strange Sisterhood

Wild gathered berries, sweet violet blooms, a union of three vanillas, a creamy hint of white coconut flesh

I’m always a sucker for coconut scents, but most tend to lean tropical. This one doesn’t sound summery or tropical at all, which really piqued my curiosity.

In the bottle: This is really interesting. I’m detecting a sweet, powdery violet note with some blackberries and a touch of coconut. There’s a cold quality about it that makes it slightly creepy, but in a good way.

On the skin: Darn it! The berries are now quite artificial, and the vanilla is going plastic-y. I still get the powderiness from the violet. I can see why people like this scent, but my skin chemistry just doesn’t like it at all. It’s gonna be a “no” from me.

TL;DR: Plastic vanilla and artificial berries. I blame my skin chemistry. Destash. 2/5.


Poesie: Radiant

Poesie Radiant

Toasted coconut and salt-tinged skin touched with the heat of summer

Poesie recently released a new set of layering single notes for the summertime, and this one has gotten the most attention. It’s pretty easy to see why: the description is the very essence of summer fun. While I’m not big on beach scents, I figured I ought to give this one a shot.

In the bottle: Y’ALL. I’m a Floridian, and this scent is so evocative of a Florida beach in the summer time. The main smell in here is that mix of coconut and salty musk. The coconut is not too sweet or foodie, and the salt tinged skin is very different from other similar notes that I’ve tried: it’s mostly salt, but in a way that instantly reminds me of the ocean, rather than a person. I feel like there is also a hint of orange in the background, even though that’s not listed as a note.

On the skin: I’m telling you, there is citrus in here, because that’s definitely amped on my skin. Specifically, it’s like a mixture of oranges and lemons, all backed up by that beautiful oceanic salt and skin note. This is a summer day at the beach in a bottle. I really like it, but I don’t see myself getting a bottle of it simply because beach-y scents are not really something I wear a lot. But I’m gonna use this sample a lot over the summer.

TL;DR: Sunny citrus and salty skin. Like a beautiful day at the beach here in Florida. Keeping my sample. 4/5.

Poesie: Blanket

Poesie Blanket

Comfy vanilla musk adds a layer of softness and warmth; a “my skin but better” scent

I’ve never been big on single note scents. I feel like they’re often rather boring. But Poesie’s layering notes and single notes have been getting rave reviews, so I thought I’d give one a shot.

In the bottle: I’m smelling a creamy, almost buttermilk frosting-like vanilla musk with just a touch of powderiness. The name is really perfect for this scent; it’s like the olfactory equivalent of a big, cream colored, faux fur blanket.
On the skin: Oh no. Suddenly I’m getting a very strong oud-like smell, and I really dislike oud. Not to mention the fact that oud isn’t even a note in here!  I’m still smelling a powdery, almost amber-like vanilla musk in the back, but I can’t get past that weird oud scent. I can see this being lovely on someone, but that someone is not me.

TL;DR: Oud and powdery vanilla musk. Oud isn’t even a note, so I’m confused. Destash. 2/5.

Arcana: Grasshopper

Arcana Grasshopper

A sparkling pan-Asian blend of Indonesian ginger, Japanese yuzu fruit and Thai lemongrass, spiked with a hint of Indian black pepper.

Despite being a Floridian, I don’t really like citrus based fragrances. I’m not sure why; I love citrus fruit, but there’s something about citrus perfumes that I dislike. But Arcana is a brand that can make me like almost every note, so if I was gonna like any citrus scent, it was gonna be an Arcana one. Besides, this scent rarely pops up for sale, so I wanted to grab it while I could.

In the bottle: KAPOW! I’m immediately hit with this kick of sweet, fragrant ginger. It’s stunning. There’s also this lovely pepper note that pairs so perfectly with the ginger.

On the skin: The pepper becomes more subtle and the yuzu and lemon join the ginger. The result is spicy but sweet, clean and refreshing yet not soapy.  This is like the olfactory equivalent of sunshine, distilled into a bottle. It’s got a lot of throw too; I can smell it when my arm is at my side. This is so perfect for summer and I’m so glad I took the risk on this scent!

TL;DR: Sparkling sweet ginger and citrus. So refreshing and lovely. 5/5. 


Arcana: Molly Malone

Arcana Molly Malone

Cotton candy, sea spray, green sugarcane, salt, pink musk, sweet bergamot, lily of the valley, black pepper, vanilla, patchouli, and the merest hint of aged vetiver.

Looking at the notes, this is not my kind of scent at all. But I heard several people raving about it and my curiosity got the better of me, so I just had to try it out to see why people were fussing over it.

In the bottle: ???? This is so weird. I’m getting cotton candy, but also sea spray and lily and something else green. I don’t know what to make of this.
On the skin: The notes that smelled on the bottle are magnified on the skin. The cotton candy is not really that sweet or sugary, which is interesting, and I have come to the conclusion that the lily and vetiver are creating that green smell. It’s unlike anything I have smelled before. I can see why people enjoy this, but it’s so not my thing. I’ll destash it.

TL;DR: Aquatic yet green cotton candy with salt, lily, and vetiver. Weird as heck. 3/5.


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

BPAL A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

A tumble of cherry blossoms falling into a pool of white musk and crushed strawberries.

Strawberries are an interesting perfume note. On one hand, they can smell extremely sweet and artificial. But on the other hand, if done well, they can be so beautiful and fresh and fruity. BPAL Lupercalia Shunga scents are often my favorites when it comes to their yearly releases, so I knew I had to try this.

In the bottle: Dear Lord, this is one of the best things that I have ever smelled. I’m getting sweet, jammy strawberry with beautiful, gently floral cherry blossoms. I hope it stays this way on the skin.

On the skin: I just love this. It’s a 50/50 split between the cherry blossom and the strawberries, which is exactly what I was hoping for. The strawberries are realistic and sweet, but not candied, and the cherry blossoms are so stunning: floral but not too floral. The musk ties it all together. It’s like a less sweet, more floral version of Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night.

TL;DR: Sweet, realistic strawberries and cherry blossoms. I love this. 5/5.

Poesie: Tiny Phantom

Poesie Tiny Phantom

Innocent pink roses, marshmallow buttercream, pale white musk, antique mahogany

As I’ve mentioned, rose is a very tricky note for me. I love the smell of roses, but I find that many rose fragrances give me a headache. This particular scent has been raved about on the indie makeup and perfume subreddit, with even rose haters praising it. Will this be the Holy Grail rose scent that I have been searching for?

In the bottle: Oh, I already love this. I’m getting realistic roses (definitely pink) with a touch of sweetness. I hope I get a little more of the other notes on the skin, but I’m a happy camper already.

On the skin: The roses are still prominent on the skin, but I am getting some mahogany and musk. It’s so lovely! This is definitely a feminine scent, but it’s not screaming “PINK!” at me as much as I thought it would. It also smells expensive and fancy. It could be worn by an elegant lady or a young girl.

TL;DR: Gorgeous, slightly sweet roses with a touch of wood and musk. Lovely. 4/5.