Black Phoenix Trading Post: Hair Gloss Reviews Pt.2

BPTP Hair Glosses Pt.2

When it comes to BPTP hair glosses, there is a very wide variety of scents. Because of that, I like getting little 5mL decants of a bunch of them so I can test them out. All of these hair gloss decants (except So Below) are from the lovely ladies at Crown and Tulip decants!  I highly recommend them for all your decant needs. They’re really great people, and they’re super professional as well.

Now, on to the hair glosses!

So Below (Haute Macabre collection)

Amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk.

I love this one. It’s a really different take on patchouli; it’s not the dark kind you would expect, it’s much lighter. I get mostly that patch note alongside the coconut, cardamom, and amber. It’s dirty and sexy, but also very tropical.

Sugar Plum Fairy 

Sugar plums, vanilla-infused sugar, tiare, amber musk, apricot peel, and a light dusting of cacao. 

Oh boy, this is sweet. Like really sweet. I primarily smell sugared plums and apricots with a touch of chocolate. I love gourmands, but this is too sweet for me. It’s very candy-like and a bit cloying. If you gravitate towards super sweet/candy scents, you’ll love this.

Mischief (Carnival Diabolique collection)

Blood-spattered cotton candy.

Spun sugar and cinnamon! I’m not getting any actual cotton candy, but I don’t mind that. I find this to be surprisingly autumnal. I would love this, but it unfortunately vanishes from my hair within minutes of application.

Who’s Nibbling at My House? (Carnival Diabolique collection)

Caramel apples, cardamom cakes, hazelnut cream, and butterscotch.

Gourmand heaven. It’s all caramel and butterscotch with a little spice from the cardamom. It’s so warm and gooey and perfect for fall. It actually smells like a richer version of Owl Creek Aleworks. 



Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Snow Glass Apples

FullSizeRender (8)

BPAL Snow Glass Apples

“It smells like green apples and like sex and vampires, all at the same time.” – Neil Gaiman about this scent

Today I have a very special review. As I’ve mentioned before, I love Neil Gaiman. He’s one of my favorite authors and I’m honestly obsessed with his writing. Besides his novel, Neil has also written dozens of short stories and one of my personal favorites is the story “Snow Glass Apples”. It was originally published in 1994 and can now be found in his short story collection “Smoke and Mirrors”. “Snow Glass Apples” is an extremely dark and disturbing but incredibly interesting take on the classic Snow White story. Without giving away too much of the story, I will say that it is told from the point of view from the queen and she is the hero/protagonist of the story. Snow White herself is the villain.

BPAL released this exclusive scent in 2008 with all of the proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Because it was a special, limited edition scent, it is no longer available and only a certain number were made. It can be very hard to find, but I was extremely lucky to find a bottle on the BPAL Facebook group.

In the bottle: I’m getting green apples and something very cold and crisp. Weirdly, something about it reminds me of Bath and Body Works’ Cucumber Melon fragrance; that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just wasn’t expecting it.

On the skin: Extremely accurate tart green apples. But these apples are frozen; there is not an ounce of warmth in this fragrance. It’s sharp and crisp and cold. I’m definitely detecting some ozone and musk in there too and they get stronger the longer I wear it. The throw is quite strong as well. It’s very evocative of the title and the story.

This is easily one of the most unique scents I have ever smelled. Snow Glass Apples is one of those fragrances that you have to be in the right mood to wear. And that mood is probably “murderous vampire in the snow”. I can’t decide whether or not I actually like this.

TL;DR: Frozen green apples, slivery musk, and frigid wind. Very evocative of the story. ??/5.

Alkemia: County Fair

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Alkemia County Fair

Pink cotton candy, hot kettle corn, freshly fried dough, candied apples, and saltwater taffy

I’m a sucker for all things carnival/circus/fair related and I’m a gourmand girl, so this perfume seemed promising. It was also highly recommended by several other bloggers. I really enjoyed Alkemia’s Calliope, which is another carnival-esque scent, but that one just disappeared on me. Hopefully this one will last longer. I believe that this one is a summer seasonal scent for Alkemia, so it is only available during certain times of year.

In the bottle: It starts out very, very sweet; it reminds me of Cocoa Pink’s Heavenly Basbousa (in the bottle) in that its super sugary. Seeing the notes, that’s not surprising since you have cotton candy, taffy, candied apples and funnel cake. It smells like it’s gonna rot your teeth off.

On the skin: The cloying sweetness does mellow out a little bit and the kettle corn finally comes in to say hello. The kettle corn is really lovely here because it adds some much needed salt to an overly sweet scent. I’m not really getting any apples at all; it’s mostly taffy, kettle corn and fried funnel cake. I also find it to be quite similar to Calliope, but more true to life “fair” and less feminine. This is a little stronger as well, but not by much.

TL;DR: Kettle corn, funnel cake and taffy. Not very strong. 3.5/5.