Hexennacht: London Fog

London Fog

Sweetened earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla syrup.

I love a good tea scent, but I have yet to come across a fragrance that really smells like a good cup of tea. This scent seemed like it would fit the bill in that regard.

In the bottle: This is totally a creamy tea blend with vanilla. The black tea isn’t too prominent right now, but I’ll see what it does when I skin test it.

On the skin: Oh Jesus tap dancing Christ, what happened?? It’s completely astringent now and it legitimately smells like sour rubber. You know that movie called “Rubber” that’s about a sentient tire that kills people? This is what it would smell like.

TL;DR: Sour, rubber death. NOPE/5. Destash


Hexennacht: Espiritismo

Hexennacht Espiritismo

Lavender wands, cowrie shells, coconut husks, tonka beans, black amber, hyssop, spikenard, tea leaves.

Hexennacht is a new brand that has exploded onto the indie scene. It is the sister company to Sucreabeille, and it specializes in the brand’s original blends while Sucreabeille creates dupes of mainstream scents. Over the next few days, I’m going to be reviewing the five scents I got.I ordered a sample pack, which is very reasonable: five, 3mL drams for $20 in either oil or alcohol format. This scent sounded interesting, and I love lavender.

In the bottle: Very faint in the bottle; I’m just getting faint lavender and something else right now. Hopefully it gets better on the skin.

On the skin: This definitely gets stronger on the skin. It’s still a fairly light scent. It’s mostly lavender and some kind of tea, but with this almost sweet/herbal undertone. As it dries, it gets sweeter, and sort of fuzzy. I like this. It’s very unique.

TL;DR: Fuzzy sweet lavender and tonka with a touch of herbs. 4/5. 


Hi all! Some quick things:

  • There will be no posts this week or next week, because I am on Spring Break. You’re regularly scheduled posts will return on 3/13.
  • Here are some upcoming scent reviews to look forward to:
    • Arcana The Sullen Courts of Sleep
    • Arcana Jabberwocking
    • Arcana Spirit and Shadow
    • BPAL Dragon Side-Eye
    • Hexennacht London Fog
    • Hexennacht Espiritismo
    • Hexennacht Moloko Plus
    • Hexennacht Witchboard
    • Hexennacht Winchester Mystery House

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The Scenturion

Arcana: Vanilla Craves Terror

Arcana Vanilla Craves Terror

Creamy vanilla with Arcana’s Holy Terror (An unsettling, austere blend of burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles.)

When I told some of my friends in the indie community that I hadn’t tried this scent yet, they were shocked, because this scent is very much up my alley. I love church incense scents, and I love vanilla, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. That being said, while this scent is beloved by many, there is also a large contingent who think that this smells like a cheap vanilla candle. What would it be for me though?

In the bottle: Acrid and plastic-y. Sometimes vanillas can do that, and it doesn’t bode well.

On the skin: Well, it no longer smells like burning plastic. However, what I’m basically getting now is just regular old Holy Terror with the smallest hint of vanilla sweetness. Honestly, if you had me blind sniff this and regular Holy Terror, I might not be able to tell the difference. And that means that this is going into the destash bin.

TL;DR: Holy Terror with the tiniest bit of vanilla. Boring and disappointing. 2/5.

Bad Habit Beauty: The Athena Palette

Hi all! Today’s review is gonna be a little different from the usual. For a while now, I’ve been lusting after the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette, but I couldn’t justify that price tag. So when I saw that there was a full palette dupe by Bad Habit Beauty, I got really excited. I was a bit skeptical, however, due to the price tag, but I figured that since it was so cheap, it couldn’t hurt to check it out. Bad Habit Beauty is an LA based, cruelty free company that dupes several other popular eyeshadow palettes, such as ABH Subculture and UD Naked Heat. Their palettes can be found on Shop Hush, but I got mine on r/Makeup Exchange.

The Athena Palette by Bad Habit Beauty comes with 18 shades: 8 mattes, 7 shimmers, 2 duochrome toppers, and 1 pressed glitter shade. The ingredients are on their website. The packaging is really nice and quite sturdy; it definitely doesn’t feel super cheap. All of the swatches in my post are done with fingers and no primer. My skintone is about N10.

Now, I don’t have the Desert Dusk palette to compare it to, but I can talk about the quality of the Athena palette by itself. Honestly, I’m really impressed. The mattes have a bit of kickback and they can be a tad chalky, but they’re surprisingly pigmented! The shimmers are gorgeous; very metallic and vibrant. The toppers are sheer, but that’s to be expected. They look a bit similar to me as well, but I don’t mind that too much. The glitter shade is hard to apply without glitter adhesive, and I’m not 100% sure if it’s eyesafe. But I didn’t buy the palette for the glitter, so I’m not upset about that. If I had to compare this formula to another brand, I’d probably say that it’s closest to KVD. My biggest gripe about the palette is that there isn’t a dupe for the Huda shade Twilight in it, but I think I have another shadow in my collection that’s similar to Twilight (UD Tonic).

From top: Fierce. Triumph, Valour, Purity, Truth, Heroic, Gleam, Epic, Medusa, Justice, Lore, Power

From top: Divine, Cunning, Wisdom, Prize, Daring, Clever

Now, onto the dupes! As you can see, some of the shades are reminiscent of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, but none of them are dead-on dupes. The closest dupes I could find in my collection are Divine and ColourPop White Rabbit, and Medusa and ColourPop Come and Get It.

From top: Truth, ABH Warm Taupe. Heroic, ABH Realgar. ABH Red Ochre, Power, ABH Venetian Red. Clever, ABH Cyprus Umber.

From top: ColourPop Static, Wisdom, Stila Pigalle. Epic, ColourPop Skydancer, UD Tonic. Divine, ColourPop White Rabbit.

From top: Valour, ColourPop Flutterbye. Medusa, ColourPop Come and Get It. Cunning, ABH Primavera, Fierce.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this palette, especially for the price point. It satisfies my desire for Desert Dusk without breaking the bank and some of the shades are really stunning. I particularly like Medusa, Divine, Wisdom, and Prize.

Arcana: White Bear

Arcana White Bear

Bourbon vanilla ice cream, coconut husks, coconut creme, and foraged wild blackberries.

Sometimes I come across a scent that I’m very torn about trying. White Bear was one of those scents. And not, it is not based on the Black Mirror episode of the same name.  Based on an old Norwegian fairy tale called “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” , the notes intrigued me right off the bat. However, my skin is known to turn ice cream scents into plastic. Because of that, I held off on trying this scent for a long time. But recently, a friend offered me a decant of it to try, and I figured “Why the hell not?” You can buy this scent from Arcana’s ebay store, Nui Cobalt Designs, Pretty Indulgent, and Femme Fatale for about $20 US (plus or minus a few dollars with the exchange rate for the latter two websites.)

In the bottle: Vanilla ice cream and fresh berries! Yum. It’s pretty simple, but I like it.

On the skin: HOLY BOURBON BATMAN. I think my skin amps that note because every perfume I try that has it is just aggressive bourbon. I’m now getting basically just bourbon with a touch of vanilla and fruit. I get zero coconut as well. I wish it stayed the way it was when it was in the bottle. It’s too boozy for me now.

TL;DR: Tons of bourbon with a tiny bit of vanilla and berries. Very boozy. 3/5.

Darling Clandestine: Inked

Darling Clandestine Inked

A sting of sea salt and leather, splashes of communion wine, the essence of raw skin.

Darling Clandestine makes it’s debut on my blog today with the scent Inked. For the most part, I haven’t really been interested in DC scents; none of them have really made me go “Wow, I need to try that!”. But of all of the scents in their catalog, this was one that I kept seeing and considering. The description makes it sound like it smells like a really hot, rugged dude, and how could I resist that?

In the bottle: Mmmm. This is nice. It’s a prominent, non-boozy wine note with salt and skin musk. It’s really just pleasant to smell.

On the skin: This blossoms on the skin. The wine takes a back seat, and the skin musk and salt become more prominent with just a touch of leather. It really does have that kind of “after sex” smell, like warm, sweaty skin, but with just a touch of something else to remind you that its a perfume. It’s incredibly sensual and sexy and alluring. This would also be incredible on a guy.

TL;DR: Skin musk and salt with subtle leather and wine. The sexiest scent ever. 7/5.