Poesie: Strange Unearthly Thing

Poesie Strange Unearthly Thing

Moss and ivy entwined, an overturned log studded with tiny mushrooms, one ripe peach, a circle of fairy flowers, white amber

I’m a big fan of horror films. Recently, there has been a growing short horror film community on YouTube and one of the finest examples of these short horror films is called The Birch. I won’t spoil too much, other than that this scent really reminded me of the titular character, which is why I tried it.

In the bottle: Okay, this one is weird. I’m getting a lot of moss and ivy, but there’s a touch of that distinct umami smell that accompanies mushrooms in the background. It somehow works though! I do want more peach however.

On the skin: This is definitely a moss and ivy blend. Those notes are the most dominant by far. I’m getting a soft undercurrent of mushroom alongside a natural kind of floral. I was really hoping for more peach! Overall, this scent is very earthy and green and dirty. If you’re a fan of those kinds of scents, you’re going to love this. I, however, am not really a big fan of dirt and moss scents, so I’ll be destashing this. But it’s a really realistic, cool blend and I like it in theory; it’s just not something I would want to smell like.

TL;DR: Moss and ivy and dirt, with a touch of mushrooms and flowers. Weird, but cool. Destash. 3/5.

Poesie: Strange Sisterhood

Poesie Strange Sisterhood

Wild gathered berries, sweet violet blooms, a union of three vanillas, a creamy hint of white coconut flesh

I’m always a sucker for coconut scents, but most tend to lean tropical. This one doesn’t sound summery or tropical at all, which really piqued my curiosity.

In the bottle: This is really interesting. I’m detecting a sweet, powdery violet note with some blackberries and a touch of coconut. There’s a cold quality about it that makes it slightly creepy, but in a good way.

On the skin: Darn it! The berries are now quite artificial, and the vanilla is going plastic-y. I still get the powderiness from the violet. I can see why people like this scent, but my skin chemistry just doesn’t like it at all. It’s gonna be a “no” from me.

TL;DR: Plastic vanilla and artificial berries. I blame my skin chemistry. Destash. 2/5.

Poesie: Radiant

Poesie Radiant

Toasted coconut and salt-tinged skin touched with the heat of summer

Poesie recently released a new set of layering single notes for the summertime, and this one has gotten the most attention. It’s pretty easy to see why: the description is the very essence of summer fun. While I’m not big on beach scents, I figured I ought to give this one a shot.

In the bottle: Y’ALL. I’m a Floridian, and this scent is so evocative of a Florida beach in the summer time. The main smell in here is that mix of coconut and salty musk. The coconut is not too sweet or foodie, and the salt tinged skin is very different from other similar notes that I’ve tried: it’s mostly salt, but in a way that instantly reminds me of the ocean, rather than a person. I feel like there is also a hint of orange in the background, even though that’s not listed as a note.

On the skin: I’m telling you, there is citrus in here, because that’s definitely amped on my skin. Specifically, it’s like a mixture of oranges and lemons, all backed up by that beautiful oceanic salt and skin note. This is a summer day at the beach in a bottle. I really like it, but I don’t see myself getting a bottle of it simply because beach-y scents are not really something I wear a lot. But I’m gonna use this sample a lot over the summer.

TL;DR: Sunny citrus and salty skin. Like a beautiful day at the beach here in Florida. Keeping my sample. 4/5.

Poesie: Blanket

Poesie Blanket

Comfy vanilla musk adds a layer of softness and warmth; a “my skin but better” scent

I’ve never been big on single note scents. I feel like they’re often rather boring. But Poesie’s layering notes and single notes have been getting rave reviews, so I thought I’d give one a shot.

In the bottle: I’m smelling a creamy, almost buttermilk frosting-like vanilla musk with just a touch of powderiness. The name is really perfect for this scent; it’s like the olfactory equivalent of a big, cream colored, faux fur blanket.
On the skin: Oh no. Suddenly I’m getting a very strong oud-like smell, and I really dislike oud. Not to mention the fact that oud isn’t even a note in here!  I’m still smelling a powdery, almost amber-like vanilla musk in the back, but I can’t get past that weird oud scent. I can see this being lovely on someone, but that someone is not me.

TL;DR: Oud and powdery vanilla musk. Oud isn’t even a note, so I’m confused. Destash. 2/5.

Poesie: Tiny Phantom

Poesie Tiny Phantom

Innocent pink roses, marshmallow buttercream, pale white musk, antique mahogany

As I’ve mentioned, rose is a very tricky note for me. I love the smell of roses, but I find that many rose fragrances give me a headache. This particular scent has been raved about on the indie makeup and perfume subreddit, with even rose haters praising it. Will this be the Holy Grail rose scent that I have been searching for?

In the bottle: Oh, I already love this. I’m getting realistic roses (definitely pink) with a touch of sweetness. I hope I get a little more of the other notes on the skin, but I’m a happy camper already.

On the skin: The roses are still prominent on the skin, but I am getting some mahogany and musk. It’s so lovely! This is definitely a feminine scent, but it’s not screaming “PINK!” at me as much as I thought it would. It also smells expensive and fancy. It could be worn by an elegant lady or a young girl.

TL;DR: Gorgeous, slightly sweet roses with a touch of wood and musk. Lovely. 4/5.

Poesie: Secret Boyfriend

Poesie Secret Boyfriend

A mountain of light fluffy marshmallows, your secret boyfriend’s leather jacket, pine and cedar, a wisp of smoke

I love smoky scents; I just find them so comforting. Marshmallows and smoke is a no-brainer, but I was really intrigued by the leather in the blend, since leather and marshmallows are not a combination I see very often. I’m also a huge fan of Twin Peaks, so the fact that this scent is from Poesie’s Twin Peaks collection definitely made me want to try it even more.

In the bottle: I’m getting mostly cedar, pine, and smoke with a touch of leather. I was afraid that the cedar would be aggressive like it is in Great Northern, but its not. It’s lovely.

On the skin: Nooooo. I think my skin really amps cedar because that’s what this has turned into. The cedar is still softer than Great Northern and I detect a smoky note underneath the wood, but I wish I was getting more vanilla and leather and marshmallow. I won’t toss my sample, but I don’t need a FS.

TL;DR: Tons of cedar with a hint of pine and smoke. Still too much cedar for me. 3.5/5.

Poesie: Great Northern

Poesie Great Northern

Fresh cedarwood, ripe plum, black and pink peppercorns, warm clove

This was the other scent I purchased in my Poesie order. Great Northern comes from the Twin Peaks inspired collection, and the scent is meant to evoke the smell of Twin Peaks’ cleanest and most reasonably priced (for FBI agents) hotel. I love pepper notes and plum notes, so this one was a no-brainer for me.

In the bottle: Clove. Literally just clove. I think I can detect a hint of cedarwood in the back, but I’m not sure. I really want more plum from this.

On the skin: HELLO CEDARWOOD. That’s 99% of what this scent is. I get a touch of spicy pepper and clove in the back, but this is almost pure cedarwood. It reminds me of my aunt’s house in North Carolina. That being said, the cedarwood here is just too much for me and it’s giving me a headache.

TL;DR: Aggressive cedarwood with a side of cedarwood. Too much for me. 2/5.

Poesie: A Thousand Warriors

Poesie A Thousand Warriors

Juicy ume plum, bitter yuzu, divine hinoki wood, fluffy vanilla

Poesie Perfume is a fairly new brand that I have heard quite a bit about. With the recent birthday sale, I took the plunge and decided to try the scents I had been looking at. This particular fragrance has notes that remind me of my local Japanese garden, so I really wanted to see if it evoked that.

In the bottle: Ooooh this is fruity! I’m definitely getting the plum and vanilla to start with. It’s really pretty.

On the skin: The plum is at the forefront with just a touch of that sharp yuzu citrus in the back, all on a bed of that soft vanilla. I feel like there’s something slightly floral here (hinoki wood maybe?). I don’t get anything really woodsy though. I like this, but it’s really faint and light. Maybe I didn’t put on enough on, but it’s very close to the skin. I guess I’ll have to slather this one on.

TL;DR: Juicy fruity vanilla scent. Faint, but lovely. 4/5.