Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Mary Read


BPAL Mary Read

Salt air, ocean mist, aged patchouli, sarsaparilla, watered-down rum, leather-tinged musk, and a spray of gunpowder.

You know what’s better than a regular pirate? A badass lady pirate. Mary Read was just that, and she pillaged and plundered during the golden age of piracy along side another famous female pirate, Anne Bonny. The scent really sounded evocative of piracy and the Caribbean, so I was happy when an imp of it came along. You can find this scent on the BPAL website for $17.50 US for a full size and $4 US for an imp.

In the bottle: Spicy! I’m getting a lot of sarsaparilla, patchouli. and musk.

On the skin: This is a very strong scent with a lot of throw. The salt and musk really ramp up once applied and you can definitely smell the gunpowder and the leather. The spices tone down a little bit, but they’re still there. This really encapsulates the scent of a pirate without all the sweat and dirt. Jack Sparrow probably smells like this.

TL;DR: A strong mix of salt, spice, musky leather, and gunpowder. Very pirate-y. 4/5.


Arcana: The Kraken

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Arcana The Kraken

Gorgeous smoked vanilla, black vanilla, saltwater, China musk, and black musk.

I’m low-key scared of trying aquatic perfumes, because the ones I have smelled before always came our smelling like astringent sunscreen. However, since I’ve fallen down the indie rabbit hole, I figured I should give them another shot. The Kraken seemed like a good bet since it has the vanilla in it and I adore vanilla. You can find this scent in Arcana’s ebay store. It retails for $20 US.

In the bottle: I’m confused. It’s very perfume-y and I don’t sense any vanilla. It’s just black musk and something weirdly floral.

On the skin: Once I applied it, it turned rather powdery and musky. Eventually, the saltwater came out with the hint of vanilla which gives it an almost spicy smell. There’s also something very skin-like about it, which makes it quite sensual. I find this to be a very masculine scent; Killian from “Once Upon a Time” would smell like this. Seriously, if I smelled this on a guy, I would melt into a puddle. The longer I wear it, the more I like it.

TL;DR: Powdery, musky skin smell with a hint of saltwater. Smells like a hot pirate who actually bathes. 4/5