Nui Cobalt Designs: The Children’s Champion, Audrey Hepburn

Nui Cobalt Designs The Children’s Champion: Audrey Hepburn

Earl Grey tea with a slice of peach, sun-dried teakwood, tonka bean, English pipe tobacco, ecru suede, and just a touch of Bulgarian lavender. 

The first scent of this three part review, I shall begin with a scent from NCD’s landmark women of history collection. All of the scents in this collection were inspired by and dedicated to famous women who helped and changed the world in their own ways. This scent is for Audrey Hepburn. In NCD’s own words: “An icon, an entertainer, and the very epitome of grace, Audrey Hepburn was simply luminous on stage and screen. But it was her tireless effort to with the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund that revealed her immense heart and humanitarian spirit.” While tobacco can be an iffy note for me, everything else sounded lovely, so I expressed my interest in trying this one.

In the bottle: I already like it. This scent has a department store vibe without smelling like a department store scent, if that makes sense. It smells elegant, classy, and expensive, but also delicate. I’m mostly getting teak, peach, and suede, with a hint of tobacco in the background.

In the bottle: I love this. This is the kind of tobacco note I was hoping for: warm, chewy, and almost foody. It’s got a distinct caramel-like quality that is so warm and inviting. The teak and suede compliment it perfectly. It’s perfectly balanced with the tea, peach, and lavender, which add feminine elements to the traditional masculine ones. This is astonishingly well-blended, and it just exudes an elegant kind of sexiness that is hard to duplicate.

TL;DR: A sexy, elegant mix of masculine and feminine notes, heavy on the tobacco, teak, peach, and lavender. 5/5.

Sugar and Spite: Sister Witch

Sugar and Spite Sister Witch

A steamy cup of earl grey tea, wee lavender buds, and sweet milk.

I, like many other indie lovers, have been on the hunt for that perfect Earl Grey tea scent. Earl Grey is a rather tricky note, since it can go real bad, real fast (see I’m Not Finished and London Fog). This particular scent is constantly recommended for Earl Grey lovers, so I decided that I needed to try it.

In the bottle: Oooooh. I’m getting creamy lavender with a touch of tea. So far, so good.

On the skin: I really like this. On the skin, the smokiness of the Earl Grey comes out more, bolstered by a really lovely lavender note. The sweet milk rounds out the blend and it tempers the acidity of the tea. Thankfully, the milk doesn’t go curdled on my skin. I think I’ve found my Earl Grey scent!

TL;DR: Smoky Earl Grey with creamy lavender. Lovely. 5/5.

Nui Cobalt Designs: The Bee’s High Tea

Nui Cobalt Designs The Bee’s High Tea

Delicate vanilla tea cakes with rose petal preserves, elderflower wine, and Earl Grey tea with a dainty drop of spring harvest honey.

Nui Cobalt Designs is an indie shop that specializes in all things magickal, such talismans and special ritual fragrance oils. Arcana has collaborated them several times for their Crone’s Crate box, and they stock many Arcana scents. Recently, however, the company has come out with their own line of perfumes. I was very excited to try them, since magickal items are not my cup of tea. My friends raved about this scent, and based on the notes, I can see why: it sounds like the most perfect perfume for spring.

In the bottle: …Sweet Tarts?? Seriously, this smells how Sweet Tart candy tastes. It’s got that sweet/sour thing going on. I’m looking at the note list and I’m very confused because I have no clue what is causing the Sweet Tart smell. Maybe the elderflower?

On the skin: It smells less like Sweet Tarts on the skin, but the only thing I’m getting now is a faint floral scent. I think its the rose and elderflower. It’s so light though; I can only smell it if I smash my nose into my arm. I’m sad because the note list for this was so promising!

TL;DR: Faint, floral Sweet Tarts. I’m very confused. 2/5.

sixteen92: I’m Not Finished

sixteen92 I’m Not Finished 

 A mug of Earl Grey tea, ink-black leather, rust, heart-shaped sugar cookies, topiary clippings.

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Earl Grey tea scent. It’s a lot harder to find that it sounds. A friend recommended this scent to me; it was a special limited edition scent for Black Friday 2017. As for the name, it comes from the famous movie about a kind man with very sharp appendages: Edward Scissorhands. The notes seemed promising enough, but would it be that beautiful tea scent that I’ve been searching for?

In the bottle: Oh, I love this. It’s this incredibly soft, delicate leather with a touch of sweet Earl Grey and greenery. It smells like a Victorian garden with tea and cookies and a good-looking man.

On the skin: *Darth Vader voice* NOOOOOOOOOO! It literally smells like cigarettes on my skin. I think the rust is mixing with the leather and the acridity of the tea to create that scent. Gah, I really loved this one in the bottle, but alas, it doesn’t work with my skin chemistry.

TL;DR: Delicate leather and Earl Grey in a garden that morphs into cigarettes on the skin. I’m so disappointed. 1/5.

Hexennacht: London Fog

London Fog

Sweetened earl grey tea, steamed milk, vanilla syrup.

I love a good tea scent, but I have yet to come across a fragrance that really smells like a good cup of tea. This scent seemed like it would fit the bill in that regard.

In the bottle: This is totally a creamy tea blend with vanilla. The black tea isn’t too prominent right now, but I’ll see what it does when I skin test it.

On the skin: Oh Jesus tap dancing Christ, what happened?? It’s completely astringent now and it legitimately smells like sour rubber. You know that movie called “Rubber” that’s about a sentient tire that kills people? This is what it would smell like.

TL;DR: Sour, rubber death. NOPE/5. Destash

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Theodosius, the Legerdemain


BPAL Theodosius, the Legerdemain

Earl Grey tea leaves, a white fougere, jasmine leaf, pearlescent white musk, and vanilla bean.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always had a thing for carnival or circus related things. When I saw that BPAL had a collection called “Carnival Diabolique”, you know I immediately checked it out. This particular scent caught my eye because it seems to be in the same scent family of Dorian and Jareth, with the main focus being on the fougere. I was curious to see how this would compare to the other members of this perfume group. You can purchase this on the BPAL website for $24 US.

In the bottle: Very lemon, which is weird because lemon is not listed as a note. Perhaps its there along side the Earl Grey.

On the skin: The Earl Grey tea is quite strong in this blend, alongside the prominent lemon. It’s less sweet than Dorian and less floral than Jareth. Its definitely the most masculine smelling of those three though. I can detect some jasmine leaf, but it isn’t overwhelming for once. Its more similar to Dorian than it is to Jareth.

TL;DR: A less sweet version of Dorian with a stronger tea note. Masculine. 4/5.