Solstice Scents: Foxcroft Fairgrounds

Solstice Scents Foxcroft Fairgrounds

Cotton Candy, Cream Soda, Vanilla Taffy, Gridling’s Funnel Cakes, Powdered Sugar, Crisp Fall Air, Woodsmoke & a Tendril of Incense

For those of you who regularly read my posts, you know that I don’t have a great relationship with incense. That being said, I’m also a total sucker for any kind of carnival/circus kind of perfume. Foxcroft Fairgrounds has been on my to-try list for a while, but I’ve always been hesitant due to the incense. A friend recently sent me a sample, allowing me to finally try it. You can buy this scent on the Solstice Scents website for $16 US for a 5mL rollerball.

In the bottle: Strong cotton candy with some funnel cake. Not really a surprise considering how gourmand the notes are.

On the skin: While the gourmand notes are still there, they take a back seat to this wonderful smokiness that I think is the incense! I actually really like it; its sweet and spicy without being headshoppy! It also prevents the blend from becoming too foodie. Overall, it really does remind me of a carnival in the middle of fall, with all of the warm-toned leaves falling and being whisked away by the crisp air. On a more personal level, it reminds me of how the renaissance faire smells, which is something near and dear to my heart.

TL;DR: Sweet and spicy with a lovely smokiness. Smells like the renaissance faire. 5/5.

Solstice Scents: Smokewood Apiary


Solstice Scents Smokewood Apiary

Smoked Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax, Amber, Wooden Frames, Ginger & Vanilla

Solstice Scents is a brand that I have not delved into too much, so when I had the opportunity to get a sample bundle in a swap, I jumped at the chance. This particular scent is well-loved by fans of honey, which means it is right up my alley. You can find this scent on the Solstice Scents website for $16 for a full size (5mL) or as part of a sample pack.

In the bottle: A lot of smoke and a little honey. That sounds good in theory, but I’m getting barbecue sauce from this.

On the skin: The ginger comes roaring in, and it creates a very sharp mixture with the honey. That, combined with the smoke, creates a very interesting combination. There is also some kind of underlying bitterness to it, as well as a prominent wood note. I’m not really a fan of this and I have other honey scents that I like more.

TL;DR: Smokey honey with ginger and wood. Somewhat barbecue-y. 3/5.

Solstice Scents: Chantilly Cream


Solstice Scents Chantilly Cream

Whipped Cream, Peach Nectar, Vanilla & Yellow Mandarin EO

This little guy is a popular seasonal scent for spring. Many people find it to be sweet and feminine. As a peach lover, it sounded like a good bet. You can find this scent on the Solstice Scents website for $15 for a full size (5mL) or as part of a sample pack.

In the bottle: Sweet peaches and cream. Very straight forward, but done well.

On the skin: It just…vanished. I can very faintly smell the glorious peaches and cream from the sample, plus a little citrus, but the scent has no power whatsoever. I had to apply a lot more to even get a slight fragrance from it.

TL;DR: Beautiful peaches and cream with citrus, but it has no power at all once applied. 2/5.

Solstice Scents: Snowshoe Pass


Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass

White Amber, White Musk, Vanilla Accord, Peppermint Cream, Cold Winds

Snowshoe Pass was a surprising free sample I got with my BPAL forum package. It’s a scent I would have never picked out for myself, but the notes are promising. You can buy this on the Solstice Scents website for $15 US for 5mL.

In the bottle: I’m getting something very cold and woodsy. I think its a super chilly vanilla there. There’s also something kind of menthol-y.

On the skin: It warms up a bit after a minute or two and I’m getting more musk. I can just barely detect the peppermint cream in the back but I like it. It’s not too minty or too sweet. It’s a cold vanilla and warm musk blend with a little sweet peppermint in the back. It kind of smells like a ski lodge.

TL;DR: White musk and cold vanilla with a hint of sweet peppermint. Smells like a ski lodge. 3.5/5.

Solstice Scents: Manor


Solstice Scents Manor

Woody-Vanilla Musk, Vanilla & Glorious Aloeswood

Ah, Manor. I think I’ve heard more about Manor than I have about any other Solstice Scents fragrance. I was curious about it because I love vanilla, but everyone says that this one is a distinctly un-gourmand vanilla, which I haven’t encountered. You can purchase this on Solstice Scents’ website, as well as from the Rhinestone Housewife and Pretty Indulgent; its $16 US for 5mL or $70 US for the 60mL EDP version. It’s also available as part of their sample packs.

In the bottle: This is super interesting. I’m definitely getting vanilla, but its not a foody vanilla at all. There’s some wood in the background.

On the skin: Manor is the perfect name for this; it’s so evocative of a dusty old Victorian manor that was once grand but has now fallen into disarray and only the ghosts are left. Imagine the house from “Crimson Peak”, but less evil. It’s all vanilla and aloeswood and the combo is elegant but almost dusty. I find most vanillas to be warm, but this one is distinctly cold. There’s a little touch of “grandma’s vanity” in there, but not too much. I like this, but it’s not my favorite.

TL;DR: Cool, dusty vanilla and wood. Very evocative of the name. 3.5/5

Solstice Scents: Conjure Dark


Solstice Scents Conjure Dark

Amber, Frankincense, Sweet Incense Smoke, Dried Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Woods, Oud, Vanilla

Okay, this one was a gamble for me. I enjoy the smell of church incense, but I hate anything that smells “headshopy”. This one has that “sweet incense note”, but the kind of incense isn’t exactly specified. But I figured “what the hell, I’m gonna try it.” You can purchase this on Solstice Scents’ website; its currently sold out for the 5mL perfume oil version, but you can still get it in the 60mL EDP version for $90 US. The perfume oil version is still available on the Rhinestone Housewife and Pretty Indulgent.

In the bottle: Oh no. Okay, so I like the smell of frankincense, but HOLY CRAP. It’s a very strong bite of frankincense and something sour in the background. I think that’s the vetiver?

On the skin: I think my fears about incense have been confirmed. It’s very strong incense and with more incense. It’s like a headshop with a church next door. The scent is very strong and it’s kind of burning my nostrils. I don’t like this, but if you love incense, then I think this could be a holy grail.

TL;DR: Incense, incense and more incense. Too strong for me. GET IT OFF OF ME/5

Solstice Scents: Cenobite


Solstice Scents Cenobite

A deep vanilla bean which has a slight boozy liqueur note on application mixed with a pile of fresh vanilla beans and a sultry, smooth, rich and creamy french vanilla. Lovely for layering. This is not a sweet frosting/sugary/buttery vanilla. It is a sophisticated, pure and deeper vanilla bean scent.

I’m going to start by saying that I absolutely love Clive Barker. I would have wanted this for the name alone, but the scent is right up my alley too since vanilla is my favorite note. If you are wondering about the name, it references the Cenobites from The Hellbound Heart and Hellraiser: “When they come from the other side, they smell of vanilla.” This scent is unfortunately discontinued, so you would have to find a bottle from someone who is selling it.

In the bottle: Delicious, delicious vanilla with a hint of liqueur. It’s somewhat gourmand without being really gourmand. I’m already in love.

On the skin: AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE. I understand the hype for this one now. It’s so good. It’s just rich, pure, sensual vanilla with just a hint of booze to prevent it from being too sweet. I have only one problem with this: WHY IS IT DISCONTINUED I NEED A FULL BOTTLE NOW. Until I can find one, I will hoard my 2mL like I’m Gollum and Cenobite is the One Ring.

TL;DR: Smooth, sexy, delicious vanilla. Pinhead would approve. Need a full bottle STAT. 7/5.

Solstice Scents: Owl Creek Aleworks

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Solstice Scents Owl Creek Aleworks

Sticky English Toffee Pudding, Blackburn’s Parlor Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel, Toasted Coconut & Hazelnut, Sugared Pumpkin Cream Stout

I’m a sucker for gourmands of all kinds. I love to bake, and anything that makes me smell like a bakery is going to be a hit. You can buy this from Solstice Scents’ website as well as from the Rhinestone Housewife and Pretty Indulgent. It’s $16 US for 5mL, $75 US for the EDP version and you can also get it in one of their sample packs as well.

In the bottle: Yankee Candle? Very sweet, but kind of artificially so. Mostly pumpkin and toffee.

On the skin: The pumpkin cream stout is really prominent along with the hazelnut and the toffee. The stout cuts the sweetness just enough that it’s not overpowering. It’s really a perfect fall scent; warm, brown, and cozily sweet. My only complaint is that it does seem to disappear quickly on me, but that could also be because I just put a dot on to test it out.

TL;DR: A  sweet blend of pumpkin stout, toffee and hazelnut. Very fall. 4/5