Solstice Scents: Smokewood Apiary


Solstice Scents Smokewood Apiary

Smoked Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax, Amber, Wooden Frames, Ginger & Vanilla

Solstice Scents is a brand that I have not delved into too much, so when I had the opportunity to get a sample bundle in a swap, I jumped at the chance. This particular scent is well-loved by fans of honey, which means it is right up my alley. You can find this scent on the Solstice Scents website for $16 for a full size (5mL) or as part of a sample pack.

In the bottle: A lot of smoke and a little honey. That sounds good in theory, but I’m getting barbecue sauce from this.

On the skin: The ginger comes roaring in, and it creates a very sharp mixture with the honey. That, combined with the smoke, creates a very interesting combination. There is also some kind of underlying bitterness to it, as well as a prominent wood note. I’m not really a fan of this and I have other honey scents that I like more.

TL;DR: Smokey honey with ginger and wood. Somewhat barbecue-y. 3/5.

Fyrinnae: Tarnished Crown

Fyrinnae Tarnished Crown

Smoldering hardwood, dark vanilla swirled with smoky resins, and a hint of black pepper.

Fyrinnae is one of the most popular indie cosmetic companies, and they are known for their fabulous duochrome eyeshadows (Mephisto is GORGEOUS, and I’ve heard great things about Rapunzel Had Extensions). However, they recently revived their fragrance division and have received rave reviews. While the majority of the scents did not appeal to me, I’ve been wanting to try this one, since vanilla and smoke are some of my favorite notes. I was also curious about the black pepper in it. Since this was really the onnly Fyrinnae scent I was itching to try, a lovely redditor sent a sample as part of a swap. You can buy this on Fyrinnae’s Etsy page for $2.50 for a sample or $12 for a full 5mL.

In the bottle: Very smoky, but also sweet. It reminds me of this old perfume oil I got at the Renaissance Faire years ago.

On the skin: I’m getting more vanilla from this on the skin, but not a lot; it’s mostly smoke and wood, which makes it smell somewhat similar to Solstice Scents Manor. There is also something distinctly “perfumey” about this that I don’t like. It’s middle of the road for me.

TL;DR: Wood and smoke with a tiny touch of something sweet. 3.5/5


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: The Light of Men’s Lives

BPAL The Light of Men’s Lives

The wax and smoke of millions upon millions of candles illuminating the walls of Death’s shadowy cave.

This scent is a part of the Märchen collection, which is based around old fairytales. The Light of Men’s Lives comes from the tale “Godfather Death”. I love a good smoky scent and this one received great reviews, so I was pleased to receive it as a free sample. It can be purchased on the BPAL website for $17.50 US for a full size or $4.00 for an imp.

In the bottle: Fragrant and waxy. This totally reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what.

On the skin: It doesn’t change much from how it smells in the sample. It’s pure beeswax, fragrant but simple. There’s not much more to say about this, quite honestly. It smells like a less creepy version of Arcana Holy Terror. 

Image result for cave with candles

Image is not mine. This is pretty much when this smells like.

TL;DR: Dripping candle wax. Very straight forward, but done well. 4/5.