Arcana: Raven Rock

Arcana Raven Rock

Cherry blossoms, white tea, and hints of basil, cilantro, and dill weed.

I’m a huge fan of cherry blossom scents. It’s one of the few floral notes that I really like. I also really like the smell of basil and white tea. But I’ve never had a scent with cilantro and dill before, so I was very curious about this particular blend.

In the bottle: Ooooo, I’m getting something that is almost berry-like, and lots of herbs. The herbs don’t make it smell like food though; it just smells very green.

On the skin: The berry quality quickly vanishes, and it’s replaced by a stunning cherry blossom note. The cherry blossom is very feminine, with a touch of powdery perfume-like quality that I really enjoy. The herbs blend in with the tea to create a very green, clean smell. It sort of reminds me of a fancy spa, but in the best way possible. There is almost a hint of a water note in there, like the one in Strawberries Crave Waterfalls. I find this scent to be very relaxing and refreshing, and I really like it a lot. Nothing else in my collection smells similar.

TL;DR: Feminine cherry blossom with herbs and tea. Super refreshing and calming. 4.5/5.

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