Poesie: Radiant

Poesie Radiant

Toasted coconut and salt-tinged skin touched with the heat of summer

Poesie recently released a new set of layering single notes for the summertime, and this one has gotten the most attention. It’s pretty easy to see why: the description is the very essence of summer fun. While I’m not big on beach scents, I figured I ought to give this one a shot.

In the bottle: Y’ALL. I’m a Floridian, and this scent is so evocative of a Florida beach in the summer time. The main smell in here is that mix of coconut and salty musk. The coconut is not too sweet or foodie, and the salt tinged skin is very different from other similar notes that I’ve tried: it’s mostly salt, but in a way that instantly reminds me of the ocean, rather than a person. I feel like there is also a hint of orange in the background, even though that’s not listed as a note.

On the skin: I’m telling you, there is citrus in here, because that’s definitely amped on my skin. Specifically, it’s like a mixture of oranges and lemons, all backed up by that beautiful oceanic salt and skin note. This is a summer day at the beach in a bottle. I really like it, but I don’t see myself getting a bottle of it simply because beach-y scents are not really something I wear a lot. But I’m gonna use this sample a lot over the summer.

TL;DR: Sunny citrus and salty skin. Like a beautiful day at the beach here in Florida. Keeping my sample. 4/5.

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