Arcana: Small Cottage in a Clearing

Arcana Small Cottage in a Clearing

Milky coffee with white sugar, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and a faint undercurrent of dangerous black musk.

There are few smells better than the smell of a good cup of fragrant coffee. I’ve been looking for the perfect coffee scent for a while now, and I got this scent in a swap. Will it be the coffee scent that I’ve been looking for?

In the bottle: Mmmmm. I’m getting a warm cup of beautifully brewed coffee with a lot of spices. It’s sweet and cinnamon-y and just delicious smelling. I think I can detect that tiny hint of black musk in the back that prevents it from going too gourmand.

On the skin: The musk comes out big time on the skin, making the coffee scent almost smoky. There is a dry quality to the scent as well, like coffee beans before they’ve been ground. The spices are more subtle on the skin too. I much prefer the scent as it is in the bottle, so this one is gonna go into the destash pile for me.

TL;DR: Smoky, dry, musky coffee. Not bad, but not fantastic. 3.5/5.

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