Blooddrop: Whinnies no. 2 (2018)

Blooddrop Whinnies no. 2 (2018)

Marshmallow, elderflower, quince, buttercream frosting, green cognac, tea, and vanilla

Blooddrop is an indie brand that I have not explored very much at all. I’ve heard that they make some really lovely scents, but I’ve just never found one that really spoke to me, until now. Every year around Easter, Blooddrop releases what are called Whinnies. In the words of Blooddrop’s owner: “Whinnies are my horsie version of marshmallow peeps.  Each scent has a marshmallow base.” Now, usually marshmallow scents get completely eaten up by my skin, but after seeing the Whinnies list, this one jumped out at me. The notes seemed more unusual, and I love the adorable horse theme (I was the “Horse Girl” when I was a kid). This particular scent is unfortunately sold out on Blooddrop’s site, and since the Whinnies are limited edition, it will not be restocked. I also made sure to note the year of the Whinnies in the title, since there has been a Whinnies no.2 in previous years, but they all have different notes.

In the bottle: Right out of the gate, I’m getting what is straight up the best marshmallow note I have ever smelled; it’s sweet, but not artificial or tooth-rottingly sugary. It’s backed up by a lovely cognac note. Then there’s the quince, which is a guava-pear type fruit and it honestly smells like the lovechild of both of those. I think I detect a bit of creaminess from the frosting as well, but it doesn’t read as pure frosting which I like.

On the skin: It doesn’t really change from what I smelled in the bottle. Perfect creamy, marshmallow and juicy, sweet quince with just a touch of cognac. It’s definitely a light scent though, so I have to apply more liberally. But it’s really lovely; sweet and feminine and so very spring-y. It’s just a bright, joyous scent, and its really unique as well. This is gonna be in heavy rotation for the remainder of spring and for summer.

TL;DR: A creamy marshmallow blend with cognac and quince. Absolutely stunning and unique. 7/5.

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