Arcana: The Sullen Courts of Sleep

Arcana The Sullen Courts of Sleep

A tenebrous blend of amber resin, coconut milk, skin musk, and French cognac.

Booze notes in perfume can be tricky, because if done wrong, you smell like you’ve been day drinking. However, if done correctly, they can add a lot of complexity and depth to a scent. When it comes to alcohol scents in perfume, my personal favorite is cognac, meaning that I had to try this scent when I saw it pop up.

In the bottle: COGNAC. Hella congac. I don’t smell anything else. It’s not overly boozy though.

On the skin: I definitely get more skin musk here, but the cognac is still ruling the blend. I think I get the slightest hint of coconut, but I’m not sure. If you thought that this was gonna be a coconut heavy scent, you’d be wrong. Honestly, this smells super similar to Anthropophagia, just without the pear; I’m gonna destash this for that reason.

TL;DR: Sweet cognac and musk. Basically a pear-less Anthropophagia. 4/5.

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