Alchemic Muse: Lovecraft

Alchemic Muse Lovecraft

Provincial lavender blossoms grounded in fresh pumpkin and sweet cream.

A study came out a few years ago about what scents men like the most. Surprisingly, the answer was a mixture of lavender and pumpkin pie. I have several questions about that, the main one being “How do those two scents go together?” When I saw the description of Lovecraft, I knew I had to try it in order to answer that question.

In the bottle: This is unlike anything I’ve smelled before. It’s like…creamy pumpkin (not heavily spiced) with gentle, slightly herbal lavender. It’s intoxicating in a way I was not expecting! Perhaps that is what makes it so irresistible to men.

On the skin: It is now mostly pumpkin pie and spices with a soft undercurrent of lavender. It’s very weird though; I’m getting an almost medicinal, herbal smell from this. I think its from the lavender and that earthy pumpkin. I don’t know how I feel about it now. I think I’m gonna give it a few days and then re-test it.

TL;DR: Pumpkin pie with herbal lavender. Really odd, honestly. Undecided on this one. 3.5.5

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