Arcana: Krampus Cones

Arcana Krampus Cones

Cold black pepper ice cream with vanilla bean specks, a swirl of dark caramel, and a bit of accursed waffle cone.

Kicking off 2018 here at the Scenturion is one of Arcana’s special Yule GWPs (gift with purchase). While I did not purchase any Arcana Yules, I was offered a decant from a kind redditor. Black pepper scents always intrigue me, but they can be very hit or miss.

In the bottle: I’m getting a very sweet, almost smoky vanilla. This is promising.

On the skin: Uh oh. First off, once applied, I can barely smell it! My skin just completely ate the scent right up. Secondly, the beautiful smoky vanilla from the vial is gone, and has been replaced with (from what I can faintly smell) a plastic-y vanilla. Ice cream scents have a tendency to do that on me, but I was hoping that this one wouldn’t. There’s also something very boozy about it suddenly, kind of reminiscent of Mother of All Souls. Gah, I had such high hopes for this scent!

TL;DR: Boozy, plastic-y vanilla that vanishes on the skin. Disappointing. 2/5.

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