sixteen92: Erinyes

sixteen92 Erinyes

Sweet wood, golden amber, wild tuberose, nectarine blossom, lychee jam

I really like lychee fruit; it’s so juicy and sweet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up in perfumes very often. This scent, from sixteen92’s 2017 Summer collection, has it alongside other great notes like nectarine and amber; I knew I had to try a sample. The name, like the rest of the collection, comes from Greek mythology. The Erinyes are the Furies, the winged spirits of vengeance. This scent is not longer available, but it will probably return next summer!

In the bottle: Juicy, fresh fruits! I can smell both the nectarine and lychee distinctly. It’s quite mouth-watering.

On the skin: The lychee becomes the most prominent note, alongside the tuberose. I was worried about the tuberose overpowering everything, but it’s just stunning here. The nectarine gets much softer, and it adds some glorious brightness to the scent. I can’t detect any amber, but I do get some wood just to ground the blend as a whole This scent is so summery and bright and lovely! It’s a really well-done fruity floral.

TL;DR: Juicy lychee fruit with tuberose. An amazing fruity floral. 4/5.

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