Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Steam.Goth


BPAL Steam.Goth

Oil-spattered brass, engine grease, and a warm splash of Victorian aftershave.

One of my favorite video games of all time is Bioshock Infinite, and my favorite character(s) are by far the Lutece twins. I had to try this scent because the notes made me think that this is what they would smell like. Steam.Goth is part of the Goth line, which were a set of exclusive oils for Bat’s Day 2011; other scents in the line include Romanti.Goth, Vamp.Goth, and Geek.Goth. Because these were event exclusive, they are no longer available.

In the bottle: A blast of aftershave with something very citrus-y. The citrus is definitely from the brass; I find that metallic notes can smell citrus-y. It’s not unpleasant, it’s just strong.

On the skin: The aftershave really blossoms on the skin; it becomes muskier with a touch of bay rum rather than just pure aftershave. It’s musky, yet softly floral, masculine, yet feminine. The industrial elements form the base of it, with the brass, oil, and grease creating a dark, dirty and now only slightly citrus-y base. This is exactly how the Lutece twins from Bioshock Infinite would smell! Unisex, pleasant, but industrial. It’s also strong with a lot of throw. This scent is really unique and I like it a lot.

TL;DR: Musky, gently floral aftershave and dark industrial citrus. Unisex and strong. 4/5.

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