Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Eyeshadow

For many international indie lovers, Femme Fatale is their one-stop shop for indie perfume and makeup. While they sell numerous indie brands, they also have their own cosmetics brand, and they are known for their eyeshadows. I’m a sucker for duochrome, and I was so excited when a friend sent me a bunch of Femme Fatale samples. Will they live up to the hype? The eyeshadows can be purchased on Femme Fatale’s website.


From top: Alpine Skies, Animal-Shaped Jellies, and Candied Apple. Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • Alpine Skies

A super pale taupe with cool tones and prominent turquoise shimmer.

Magical, ethereal cool toned sparkle. It reminds me a bit of NYX Glass Slipper eyeshadow, but this one has a stronger shift and leans more blue than green. I love it.

  • Animal-Shaped Jellies

A brilliant mid-tone pink that leans warm, and golden shimmer.

This one is BRIGHT. Like neon pink bright. It has a very subtle gold shimmer in it, but on the eyes, it reads as just hot pink with shimmer; the gold is hard to pick up on.

  • Candied Apple

A pale redwood pink with a green duochrome.

Probably the most famous of all Femme Fatale eyeshadows. This one is a major shifter. In the swatch, you get this reddish brown color, but on the eyes, its more of a light greenish color with a pinky red duochrome. Its surprisingly subtle, but quite striking.


From top: Cheap Tricks, Clockwork Train, Land of Tea Parties.  Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • Cheap Tricks

A vibrant mid-tone pink with shiny green-gold sheen.

If you think this looks similar to Animal-Shaped Jellies, you would be right. They are almost identical, but I feel like this one has a stronger gold shift to it. Because I love any and all duochromes, I prefer this to Animal-Shaped Jellies. It’s so fun and pretty!

  • Clockwork Train

A warm puce pink with bold golden overlay.

This is easily one of my favorites of the bunch. The description is true to the color and it’s subtle but gorgeous. It’s not quite a rose gold, but its close.

  • Land of Tea Parties

A soft ruddy pinkish-beige with blue glow.

This one shows up very lavender on me. I’d call it more of a “soft beige with a strong lavender shift”. Despite not really matching the description, I really like it.


From top: Mister Whiskers, Puzzle, The Wayward Prince.  Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.


  • Mister Whiskers

A grey-toned mauve purple with strong golden shine.

Sometimes you come across a shadow so magical that you just have to stare at it. This is one of those. It’s so insanely pretty and pigmented, but its still really wearable in my opinion. It’s sort of like My Pretty Zombie Anthrax, but it has a gold shift instead of a green one and the purple is more mauve-y. I’m in love with it.

  • Puzzle

A concrete grey with copperish-gold overlay.

I’m not super impressed with this one compared to the others. It’s a pretty blue-ish grey with copper sparkles. It’s not bad, its just not something I could see myself wearing and I feel like I can find a similar color in other brands.

  • The Wayward Prince

A mauve-rose base with strong bronze-gold overlay.

At first, this looks like a boring reddish brown, but once applied, you get this brilliant bronze shine. It’s really nice.

The Formula

I really like Femme Fatale’s formula. It’s very pigmented and it blends well. You could probably get away with not using primer for some of the non-duochromes. Fallout is minimal for all of them, but I noticed that Animal-Shaped Jellies and Cheap Tricks had a bit more than the others.

My favorites of the bunch are Alpine Skies, Clockwork Train, Cheap Tricks, and Mister Whiskers. Least favorite is probably Puzzle.

I hope you enjoyed my review! What Femme Fatale eyeshadow is your favorite? Comment below!

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