Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Antique Lace

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BPAL Antique Lace

A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes.

Antique Lace. Never before have I seen people go so crazy for a release. Antique Lace used to be a super popular GC BPAL scent, but it was discontinued due to component issues, I believe. Fast forward to this year, 2017, when a small batch of perfume and hair gloss was re-released unannounced. Cue the freak out. The scent quickly sold out within a day, and the perfume was being sold second-hand for $50+. Just last Friday, another run of 300 bottles were released, and a similar situation ensued. Now, I didn’t really have much interest in the scent until a user on the BPAL Facebook group offered to swap it for another rare bottle. I figured “What the hell, let’s give it a try.” But the question remains: is the hype for Antique Lace worth it? The scent is one again sold out, but if it appears again, it will be $30 US for a full bottle.

In the bottle: It’s very vanilla with something toasty and almost burnt smelling? Like when you take hot clothes out of the dryer. I think its the linen? A friend in the indie community has the hair gloss of this, and she described it as “the singed edge of a super old wedding dress” and that’s kind of spot on.

On the skin: It’s definitely less smoky on the skin, and it gains an almost marshmallow-y kind of quality. Someone else I know in the indie community likened it to Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, and I kind of see the resemblance. Personally, I think its closer to Alkemia Smoke and Mirrors but with more vanilla sugar than smoke. There is also a definite burnt linen note in there that really does make it smell kind of old. I’m honestly not sure if I like this.

*NOTE: After really testing it repeatedly, I’ve decided that I really don’t like this. It just smells so acrid and burnt to me, and the vanilla is very generic. I don’t get the hype for this at all.*

TL;DR: An almost marshmallow-y vanilla sugar with burnt linen and smoke. Smells like Miss Havisham on fire in the bottle. 2/5.


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