Smelly Yeti: Not the Bees

Smelly Yeti Not the Bees

Candied honey and honeysuckle, punctuated by the faintest hint of citrus and underscored with smooth vanilla.

I’m always on the hunt for good honey scents, and this little guy was highly recommended by a friend on the indie Discord server. She sent me her sample, alongside a sample of Bee Tsar. You can buy this on Smelly Yeti’s website for $3 US for a sample or $15 for a full size. You can also find it on Femme Fatale.

In the bottle: Very sweet honey. It’s pretty straightforward, to be honest.

On the skin: The honeysuckle comes into play and it adds more depth to the scent with the floral element. I think I can detect the tiniest hint of citrus to cut the sweetness a little. It’s definitely less sweet now and there’s something kind of refreshing about it. it’s really beautiful and very summery.

TL;DR: Sweet honey and honeysuckle with a touch of citrus. Great for warm weather. 4/5.

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