Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Giant Vulva

BPAL Giant Vulva

Skin musk, sugar cane, honey, beeswax, vanilla flower, and copal

I’ll be honest; I partially bought this for the name. It’s a great answer to the question “Your perfume is so pretty! What’s it called?” The notes also sounded good because I love honey and vanilla. This scent was part of BPAL’s 2009 Lupercalia collection. Lupercalia, for those who don’t know, is BPAL’s annual Valentine’s collection. It’s a massive release of dozens of scents, many of which have names that reference sex acts and genitalia. Since this was a scent from the 2009 collection, it is no longer available, but it could possibly return for another year.

In the bottle: Very warm, and there’s something very commercial about this too. Like, it smells similar to something I could buy at Sephora or a department store at the mall. That’s not a bad thing, but it was not what I was expecting.

On the skin: The skin musk is very prominent; it smells like someone who has just been working out for a while, but without the stink of sweat. There’s a very powdery element to this as well, with I think is from the beeswax and copal.  I can detect a subtle floral element in the back from the vanilla flower. In a weird way, this reminds me a little bit of Arcana Snug, but this one is more feminine, floral and less sweet. Frankly, I think that Snug is superior. I feel like this would work well on an older, more mature woman rather than a woman in her 20’s or early thirties; that’s probably due to the copal and vanilla flower, as they add a slight touch of “grandma’s perfume” to the blend. I like this, but I don’t feel like I’d wear it.

TL;DR: Skin musk, powdery beeswax, copal and subtle florals. Would work well on a more mature woman. 3/5

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