Nocturne Alchemy: Crystalline

NAVA Crystalline

A thick viscous Vanilla that comes on soft and subtle then creates a cacophony of a beautiful cloud of vanilla purity. It is not a food vanilla, but a vanilla that makes you feel at peace, tranquil and right with the world.

Nocturne Alchemy (aka NAVA) is known for their vanilla scents. There’s Snow White, Moonstone, Pyramind Vanille and more. But I think the most famous of the bunch is their Crystalline scent. I’m a vanilla girl, so I knew I had to try this one and an extremely kind redditor sent a sample of it to me for free with some other items. Crystalline is currently unavailable as the NAVA shop is currently closed, but it will be reopening soon.

In the bottle: I’m kind of freaking out because this smells very similar to the beloved but discontinued scent Solstice Scents Cenobite, which is my favorite vanilla scent of all time. This one is less boozy, but that’s the main difference.

On the skin: This is definitely the closest dupe I have found to Cenobite. There are a couple of differences between the two, however. Cenobite is stronger and boozier with more throw. Crystalline is lighter, sweeter and more ethereal. Its’ like Cenobite’s innocent little sister. My only complaint with this scent is that it is a little lighter and more subtle and I like my vanillas with more strength. But Crystalline is truly a magnificent vanilla, and I highly recommend it if you like vanilla or sweet scents.

TL;DR: Rich, sweet vanilla. Similar to Cenobite, but lighter. 5/5.


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