Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Stekkjarstaur

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BPAL Stekkjarstaur

Wooly sugared marshmallow root.

This little guy was part of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Yule 2014 collection. Being a seasonal scent, it was then discontinued within two months. However, Stekk (as it is lovingly called) became a fan favorite because of how great the scent is supposed to be. I was very lucky to receive an imp of this as a free sample with another package from a user on reddit. The name, “Stekkjarstaur”, refers to one of the 12 Icelandic Yule Lads, who were tricksters that evolved into gift givers who gave presents to children from December 11 or 12 through 24. This scent is discontinued and can no longer be found on BPAL’s website.

In the bottle: The description says it all. Sugared marshmallow. There’s something distinctly cold about it.

On the skin: This is actually very layered and complex even though the description is simple. Its definitely marshmallow, but its an elegant marshmallow. If the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters is regular marshmallow than this is a marshmallow monster in the shape of Keira Knightley. There’s also something about it that reminds me of Arcana Mother of All Souls, but I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what. This is also distinctly not gourmand; it’s rather dry and cold and not super sweet at all. I like that its almost a little earthy too. I really like this, but its very different from what I expected.

TL;DR: Fancy, non-gourmand marshmallow. Super interesting. 4/5. 


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