Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Dorian

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BPAL Dorian

A Victorian fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea.

Like Arcana’s Two Finger Ballet, Dorian is one of those indie perfumes that is super popular and everybody knows about it. Unfortunately, it has been out of stock for a while now. Having heard so many rave reviews of this across the internet, I was excited to have a small imp of it to try. It is currently sold out, but rumor has it that its coming back soon; when in stock, it retails for $17.50 US for a 5mL bottle or $4 US for a 1mL Imp.

In the bottle: Lemony, but not like cleaning products lemony. It’s a very natural, soft lemon covered in sugar. There’s also some musk lurking in there.

On the skin: It’s a beautiful sugared tea and lemon scent right now. Not sour at all. In the back is the musk which adds this masculine edge to it.  It smells like a cup of sugary black tea with vanilla cream and a lemon wedge being eaten in the presence of a super-hot Victorian dude who smells awesome. I can see why this is so popular; it’s GORGEOUS.

TL;DR: Sugared vanilla tea and lemon scent with hot guy musk. I ADORE it. 7/5.

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