My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics: Brisket and Anthrax

My Pretty Zombie is another indie cosmetic company. They make eyeshadow, blush, setting powder, nail polish and lipstick. Most of their products are known for their interesting or edgy names like Anthrax, Everything Looks Better on a Meat Hook and Grandma Cleavage. I purchased two of their most popular shades in a destash: Brisket and Anthrax. Both are available on the My Pretty Zombie website for $5 each for 5g jar.


The top shade is Anthrax and the bottom shade is Brisket. All swatches were done over Urban Decay Primer Potion.



Purple to Green with a gold to red shift

“Oh, what are you wearing on your eyes?”


Besides being a hilarious answer to the question “what eyeshadow are you wearing?”, Anthrax is a really interesting color because its a purple and green duochrome, which is quite unusual. It’s so gorgeous and I have never seen another eye shadow quite like it.


Copper with a red to gold shift

Brisket was recently reformulated, so this is the original formula of Brisket. The color is more gold while the new one is more copper according to the website. I’m honestly freaking out about this color. I really love warm-toned eye looks and its hard to find something more warm than this. It’s so fiery and vibrant. It honestly looks like someone took the Eye of Sauron and made it into an eye shadow. I’m in love.

I am extremely impressed with both of these eyeshadows. The colors are spectacular and unique and the formula is really good too. It’s pigmented without having heavy fallout. I look forward to exploring more of My Pretty Zombie’s eyeshadows in the near future.


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