Solstice Scents: Snowshoe Pass


Solstice Scents Snowshoe Pass

White Amber, White Musk, Vanilla Accord, Peppermint Cream, Cold Winds

Snowshoe Pass was a surprising free sample I got with my BPAL forum package. It’s a scent I would have never picked out for myself, but the notes are promising. You can buy this on the Solstice Scents website for $15 US for 5mL.

In the bottle: I’m getting something very cold and woodsy. I think its a super chilly vanilla there. There’s also something kind of menthol-y.

On the skin: It warms up a bit after a minute or two and I’m getting more musk. I can just barely detect the peppermint cream in the back but I like it. It’s not too minty or too sweet. It’s a cold vanilla and warm musk blend with a little sweet peppermint in the back. It kind of smells like a ski lodge.

TL;DR: White musk and cold vanilla with a hint of sweet peppermint. Smells like a ski lodge. 3.5/5.


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