Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Wicked


A sophisticated, womanly scent: rich myrrh and jasmine draped in the subtlest rose.

This little guy was a free sample that I received with a previous order. I was hesitant with this one, since jasmine usually hates me. You can buy it on BPAL’s website. It’s $17.50 US for a 5mL full size or $4 US for a sample Imp.

In the bottle: Oh boy. Okay. Upon smelling the bottle, I was pretty much socked in the jaw by the most powerful jasmine note I have ever smelled. It’s so powerful that I honestly find it to be a little overpowering. The myrrh and the rose were just barely detectable. Even though the rose is faint, it was still enough to give me a headache (rose notes generally do that to me). The scent itself is a little too “grandma’s vanity” for me, way too floral and strong.

On the skin: I couldn’t bring myself to put this on my skin because it just gave me a headache. The jasmine is out for blood and I’m not having it. If you like jasmine, then you might really enjoy this, but this scent is my kryptonite.

TL;DR: Aggressive, angry jasmine. Smells like an evil grandma. HELL NO/5.


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