Arcana: Mother of All Souls

Arcana Mother of All Souls

Three dark, decadent vanillas entwine around white chocolate, a small sip of rum, and one drop of French cognac.

After having smelled the heaven that is Solstice Scents Cenobite, I’ve been on a quest to find a replacement scent since Cenobite was discontinued (WHYYYY). Many people on here recommended the recently released Mother of All Souls by Arcana, which is another boozy vanilla scent that seems quite similar to Cenobite. This scent is part of the Arcana Doll Parts collection; it was recently brought back and you can purchase it on Arcana’s ebay page for $19 US.

In the bottle: WHY HELLO THERE COGNAC. This is the first thing that hits my nose. Super strong cognac and a rich vanilla; boozy vanilla is an understatement here. While the cognac here is very realistic smelling, it is aggressive.

On the skin: Once applied, the cognac disappears almost completely and what remains is a soft vanilla with a subtle chocolaty edge. There’s also a tiny hint of the rum. I find that it stays close to the skin. In terms of Cenobite, I tried them on opposite wrists and here is what I found: Cenobite is much richer and stronger with a sexy edge, while Mother of All Souls is gentler and delicate with a feminine edge. Therefore, I would not call this a dupe of Cenobite. I think it’s actually closer to Arcana’s Two Finger Ballet, with TFB being more gourmand; Mother of All Souls is TFB’s bartender older sister.

TL;DR: Soft vanilla with a hint of chocolate and rum. NOT a dupe for Cenobite. 3.5/5

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