Alkemia: Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

An elusive, smokey blend of burning wood, Madagascar Vanilla, and Tonka.

One of my favorite smells is the scent of burning wood and I really wanted to find a scent that smells true-to-life. Smoke and Mirrors seemed like a good bet. You can find this on Alkemia’s Etsy store; it’s $12 for a full size of 5mL. You can also buy it as part of an Alkemia sample set, where it will be 1mL

In the bottle: Woodsmoke. Pure, unadulterated woodsmoke. I’m not getting much vanilla or tonka at the moment.

On the skin: The smoke note is very clearly woodsmoke and not any other kind; it smells exactly like a campfire. It specifically reminds me of the woodsmoke from the Renaissance faire, which is a good thing. The sweet vanilla and tonka come out within a few minutes of  application. It’s just so lovely and rich. What I love about this is that it’s simultaneously really seductive and sexy but also really comforting.

TL;DR: Campfire smoke and vanilla. Very realistic. 5/5.

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